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Two smiling, young women looking at a screen with one wearing an unnoticeable clear acne patch.

Put your best face forward.

Nexcare™ Thin & Transparent Acne Patch

Apply easily. Wear discreetly.

How to apply

Tab allows for easy application

  • Illustration of fingers peeling back corner of covering film to expose acne patches.

    Clean and dry the skin thoroughly. Open the package. Remove the loose liner.

  • Illustration of fingers grasping a tab to remove a single acne patch from the sheet.

    Slightly bend the liner to grasp the red tab and peel the patch from the liner.

  • Illustration of fingers holding the tab while applying it to a facial blemish.

    Apply with the red tab towards the skin.

  • Illustration of fingers removing the tab and pressing the acne patch securely into place.

    Press down on the patch as you twist and pull to remove the red tab. Press patch in place as needed.

Place remaining patches in pouch to store. Change at least every 8 hours or if it fully turns white.

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